Amazing Ms. Cupcake

Few days ago I've received this vegan recipe book, it's the Ms. Cupcake first book! And I love it!!

The book is absolutely lovely, lots of great pictures and super yummy recipes! Everything is full of details and really well explained! So if you're a dummy please do not despair! You can do it!

There's also a section called "Naughtiest of them all" where you can find super sugary and deep fried amazing food!

As my first try I decided to go for these chocolate chip cookie sandwiches filled with vanilla buttercream icing. I ate them all!

Buy the book HERE !

Thank you and stay happy!



  1. *________* meraviglia delle meraviglie! un regalo fantastico *_*

  2. Those cookie sandwiches look incredible, yum!

    P.S i'm hosting a giveaway atm you may be interested in :)

    1. Thank you so much!!
      and I entered your giveaway! :)


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