Here we go.
Well. I love the 80's and obviously I'd like to introduce my Top 5 list of 80's horror movies.
As you'll see they're not the scariest but I like them so much!

Let's start!
At number 5 we have "The Lost Boys"(1987) directed by Joel Schumacher.
When I was a teenager I liked Kiefer Sutherland so much and in this movie he was so cute! 

At number 4 "A Nightmare on Elm Street"(1984) it's a classic movie and it has a lot of success, I don't love the story so much but I completely adore the Freddy Krueger character! And don't forget the extremely young Johnny Deep had a role in it! 

Number 3 "Christine"(1983), well from a Stephen King's book you can always make a good movie. Yes, it's true.

Number 2 "Poltergeist" (1982) directed by Tobe Hooper and co-written and produced by Steven Spielberg.
This movie doesn't need any words I think, don't you? 

And my favorite horror movie from the 80's is.........
"Child's play" (1988) I love Chucky! He's my favorite! The movie is scary and funny at the same time, and the sequel it's not bad too! 

I hope you like my movies, what about you? What's your favorite horror movies from the 80's? 

Have a nice weekend guys! 


Wearing make-up

Hey! Just a quick view of my favorite make up in this season! 

1- Barry M Dazzle Dust  <3
2- Lavera Natural Liquid Foundation <3
3- L'erbolario Correttore Perfezionante <3
4- Lavera Beautiful Lips Lipstick <3
5- Neve Cosmetics Blush Heidi <3
6- H&M My Little Pony Hairpins <3


The Travel Series : My soulmate

It is the city I love the most. I love it with all my body and mind. It stole my heart.
I love the atmosphere, the freezin' weather, the people, every building, everything.
How many times I used the word "love" in the previous sentences? It doesn't matter because I LOVE OSLO and that is.
I'm also studying norwegian language, it's true I'm not joking!
And can we talk about the girls? Oh god how beautiful they are? And everyone is so kind!

I can only suggest visiting this wonderful city and falling in love with it as I did.

Enjoy the pictures I cry every time I look at them.

Oslo Opera House

Oslo Opera House

City Center

Town Hall

Car Bomb Explosion 



Obsessed : Casual Outfit

Yes I have promised to wear more skirt and girly outfit and I'm doing my best! Buuut now I'm obsessed with casual outfit, comfy and a bit masculine, to look like you don't care about what you're wearing. Yep! So I've put together this outfit using Polyvore.
What do you think?
What do you like to wear recently?


Oh! I'm on Bloglovin' !


Emerald Green

Long time ago I used to be pink, well my hair were pink, they were all pink (the shade name was Pinkissimo from Crazy Color if you ask). I loved the pink but to me was pretty difficult keeping my hair healthy and good looking. I'm a mess you know. So after 5 years of pink I turned brunette. 

Well shortly the brown didn't last long and now I have some green in my head and I like it so I'm thinking to put more of it during the following weeks. 

*Content Disclaimer* The author of the blog is pretending to be cute in the following pictures *

I wear :
- My little Pony T-shirt (old collection from Pimkie)
- Bunny Brooch (handmade by me)
- Face Jewelry (from Industrial Strenght)
- Plugs (from the amazing Billi Wood BlackHeartOrganics)
- Green Hair ( Emerald Green Crazy Color)

And meow everyone!

BEHIND THE SCENES : my critters socks.


DIY shoes

Well, I'm not exactly the craftiest girl on earth, but re-styling these shoes was so simple!
I've only used a black spray can, some paper and adhesive tape to secure the paper to the shoe.
I've made an even application of varnish for two times and then I've let it dry in the air.
My shoes were new and never used, if your are not in mint condition you will need to clean up them a bit.

Let's see the final result!



I'm quite satisfied of the result and proud of myself!

I wish everyone a nice weekend!



April's plan

I'm a bit late but here we have my to do list for april!

- In the last few weeks I didn't feel really well, I felt sick and I did a lot of blood tests. So I want to feel healthy now and enjoy the springtime!
- I need also to cut my hair because they're too long and I don't know how to fix them!
- Smile! Because smiling makes everything better!
- I want to take a lot of pictures especially portraits.
- I usually dress really comfy with sport cloths, But now I want to feel more girly and feminine, I need amore cuteness in my life!

Well, I hope to go through with these goals easily!

Have a nice day!