Thrift store findings

Hi everybody! What's up?
Here four things I've bought at the thrift shop last week.
I've already worn the floral shirt and I've received a lot of compliments! And I paid only 2,50€ for it! What a bargain!
Well about the sweater, I like it very much but maybe it's a bit too 80's, ok nothing it's too 80's I know! I'll try to wear it in some ways!

Last but not least these two little pins I've bought from an english man, he sell a lot of different things, some are really weird! But these pins look adorable. I don't know what "NUPE" is, anyone can help me?

However have a nice thursday!


  1. Nice:) And I don't know what nupe is either, but perhaps we should create a meaning and introduce it as a new word?!


  2. Yay! It may be... well...let's see.. mmm.. Not Ugly People Entry .. or nupe could be an abbreviation for "no peas please" ..ahah I'm not good in this kind of things! But I'm keeping to try! :)
    Thanks for comment! <3

  3. That floral blouse is nice!
    This is what I found about nupe: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nupe_people

  4. Oh thanks!you're so kind! So it seems I've bought an african ethic group pins! ahah It's funny! :)


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