Emerald Green

Long time ago I used to be pink, well my hair were pink, they were all pink (the shade name was Pinkissimo from Crazy Color if you ask). I loved the pink but to me was pretty difficult keeping my hair healthy and good looking. I'm a mess you know. So after 5 years of pink I turned brunette. 

Well shortly the brown didn't last long and now I have some green in my head and I like it so I'm thinking to put more of it during the following weeks. 

*Content Disclaimer* The author of the blog is pretending to be cute in the following pictures *

I wear :
- My little Pony T-shirt (old collection from Pimkie)
- Bunny Brooch (handmade by me)
- Face Jewelry (from Industrial Strenght)
- Plugs (from the amazing Billi Wood BlackHeartOrganics)
- Green Hair ( Emerald Green Crazy Color)

And meow everyone!

BEHIND THE SCENES : my critters socks.


  1. verde sarà il mio colore autunnale :-D già deciso! però farò l'alpine green, scuretto insomma :-D

    mi piaci così :-D e mi piace la tua spilla coniglio *_*

    1. Uh grazie!
      Che bello anche io ero pine green, era così bello non smettevo di guardarmi i capelli, ma su di me il verde dura pochissimo diventa subito giallognolo marcio. Poi non ti dico che fatica togliere sto hennè dai capelli :/
      Comunque grazie ancora! <3

  2. love this hair colour!!! i really want to dye mine a fun colour but i'm too scared. this looks great on you though! x


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