The Travel Series | Paris

Hey Ho everybody! 
Oh là là! I went in Paris last summer! Yes I did! 
I know you all have already seen a lot of Paris pictures, same Eiffel Tower, same picture of the Louvre, same streets and bla bla bla. 
So I decided to write the SAME Paris blog post! Am I too funny? Yes I am! 
Hope you enjoy these tourist pictures, please do not sleep watching them and if you have something interesting to say leave a comment below! 

Ok, maybe today I'm too sarcastic but you know it's that part of the month so I can. 

Now, something a bit more funny.

Cute bird knows as Bob the bird.

Hard times in Père-Lachaise Cemetery

And yes always add some cat pics in a blog post. This is the price of success. 

With love,