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One of the most scary place where I've been it's Patarei Prison in Tallin, Estonia.Me and my boyfriend went in Tallin in 2011 and walking by the sea we found this old building.It wasn't on the guide book so we asked to the old ( and when I said old I mean oooold) estonian lady on the entrance. She said something in russian and I don't know how but we understood that to visit the building was 2€. Absolutely we didn't know what to expect and we found this! Hope you like the pictures!
Here you can find some information about the prison! It was used until 2004! Insane! 

The backyard

Inside the jail

I think this was a sort of art exhibition 


A kind of medical room

C ya soon,
<3 Federica 


  1. This place looks so eerie and awesome. Urbexing is always an adventure!

  2. Fa TAAAAAAANTO Silent Hill (il videogioco) sto posto! pauroso, ma molto affascinante *_*

    1. ahaha infatti io ero terrorizzata! gli estoni invece pareva stessero visitando il colosseo! ahaha


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